Commitments from Basquelands Way

  • Complete detailed information of the desired trip, after a first contact is established.
  • Complete detailed information of all needs and special or personal requirements suitable for all participants in order to participate in the desired trip.
  • An accident and rescue insurance will assist all members of the group during the trip, but it is important to remind it is NOT a medical & travel insurance with a wider range of sanitary assistant. We hardly recommend our customers to travel provided with a medical & travel insurance.
  • All Basquelands Ways´ members will offer our most professional and experienced attitude to manage each trip.
  • Basquelands Way is concerned to develop the whole trip according to the booked terms and conditions. In case any term needs to be modified, it will be justified, always searching for the best alternative in a basis of an equal quality of the service or supplied material.


Commitments from our customers:

  • To inform Basquelands Way, using a questionnaire, of any remarkable information concerning to participants about their physical conditions, incompatibilities, skill level, tastes, special needs, etc…, in order to guarantee the best of the experiences.
  • All participants assume the risks of travelling and doing outdoors activities, while members of the staff are responsible of minimising those risks, taking the correct decisions in every moment towards the participants´ security.
  • Regarding weather conditions, participants´ physical conditions or the inappropriate state of materials, decisions taken by the staff to preserve the security of the participants must be accepted.


Participating in our trips will mean accepting the terms, conditions and commitments previously exposed