The sunset turns on red the ocean´s surface as we arrive to the harbour of Lekeitio after one week walking, as it was done 700 years ago by those men and women bringing the wine and the wool from Rioja region and Castile. We are carrying just a backpack, with nothing to sell, but full of memories.

Step by step, side by side, we have built a path full of experiences, mixes of past and present, sweet smiles, villages lost in time, caves and waterfalls, rivers and lakes, beech and oak forests …. Life. The warm hug of my friend Gontzal arriving to his rural Hotel Ansotegi:

“Welcome walkers, welcome brother. You know this is your house and refuge. This house with more than 5 centuries of history; an old forge, is now a place to rest as merchants use to do while following this traditional route. Rest and eat, tomorrow Lekeitio will receive you with a beautiful day.

And we were received by Ocean, and she, Txus, partner, and even more, said:

“An amazing walk …. From the warm land of Rioja to the deep blue colour of Lekeitio. This is a joy for the senses and the soul. Silence & relax ¡A great route to be part of!

I looked at her and with a conspiratorial smile, we became one.

Is this the way traders used to feel when carrying the wine to exchange it with fish or salt in the past? You, walker, dreamer and future member of our little Basquelands Way´s family following this route, enjoy this report, and open your mind to, step by step, become part of history.