It is winter time and nature has a new dress; the snow. It is a special moment to go snowshoeing feeling our connection with the surrounding landscape. A camera, and a couple of tricks, will help us getting great pictures of such an emotional experience:


  • Use proper clothes: During winter temperature drops below 0ºC. In addition, wind and humidity can make the thermal sensation even colder. Choosing a good equipment must be our first step before leaving.
  • Check the weather forecast: Winter conditions can be very hard, and maybe some days the better option is to stay at home. Taking a look at weather forecast will help us preparing our activities.
  • Keeping dry our camera: Rain and snow can damage our camera. We can avoid the humidity using a waterproof case.
  • Battery life: Cold discharges the lithium batteries of our cameras. To prevent this, we can put them into the inner pockets of our clothes.
  • Correct the exposure: The light that reflects on the snow can trick our camera, taking dark images. We must consider this and adjust the exposure compensation in 1 or 2 steps to avoid it.