Legal Advice


According to the “artículo 10 de la Ley 34/2002, de 11 de Julio” related to Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we give you the following information:

Basquelands Way S.L.U (Single-member Limited Liability Company – SMLLC), is located in Markotegi bidea, 8 –A . 20018 . San Sebastian, with CIF B75162859. Registered in the Commercial Register of San Sebastian, Volume: 2764, Book: 0, Folio 108, Page SS-38859, Inscription 1st.

In the web page of Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC there are some data related to trips information.

Its main objective is to give customers, and general public, information related to the company and the products and services given.


The terms of access and use of the present web site are controlled by the current law and the principle of good faith, committing the user in making good use of the web page. No behaviour going against the law, rights or interests of others are allowed.

To be a user of Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC´ s web page means reading and accepting the present terms of use and what extends the applicable legislation in this area. If for any reason, you do not accept the present terms of use, do not continue using this web page.

Any kind of notification and/or claim will only be valid if using a written notification and/or certified mail.


Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC is not responsible for the information and contents given at forums, social networks or any other media where others can post independent information at their own web page.

Nevertheless, taking into account the “art. 11 y 16 de la LSSI-CE”, Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC agrees to the withdrawal, or possibly blocking content, that might affect or violate national or international law, rights or morality and public order.

Also, the company shall not be liable for damages that occur by failures or misconfigurations of software installed on the user´ s computer, as well as for any technical problem or failure that occurs when the user connects to the Internet. In the same way, no interruptions or errors are guaranteed when accessing to the website.

Also, Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC has the right to actualize, modify or eliminate the information contained in the web page, as well as the configuration or presentation at any time without assuming any responsibility for it.

We let you know that any single price you may see in our web page will be exclusively a base price. If users want to know the exact price of a product, or if there is a special offer linked to the desired product, he/she must get direct and personalized contact with Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC in order to get the appropriate information regarding the desired product.


Basquelands Way, S.L.U./SMLLC owns all rights about the software of the digital publication, as well as the intellectual and industrial rights about included contents, except the public products´ and services´ rights that are not part of this company.

No material on this web site may be reproduced, copied or published without the written consent of Basquelands Way, S.L.U./SMLLC. All information received on the web site, as comments, suggestions or ideas, are considered assigned to Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC for free. Any information that can not be treated in this way should NOT be send.

All products and services in this site which do NOT belong to Basquelands Way S.L.U./SMLLC, are trademarks of their respective owners and are recognized as such by our company.


These general conditions are treated by the Spanish legislation.
For any litigation process that may occur related to this web site or the activity here exposed, just courts form San Sebastian are competent, and the user expressly renounces to any other jurisdiction that may correspond.