The impulses and motivations that travelers find to visit us are diverse.

Recently, after a request from the Basque Tourism Agency (BasqueTour), we have put together a 5-day tour for a couple of German journalists, through the most diverse corners of our geography, with a marked naturalist approach. Jörg and Isabella had the objective of delving into our reality and then making reports on what was discovered and transmitting in their countries of origin the emotion of their trip linked to the strength of our culture.

From the oceanic coast to the Rioja Alavesa wine region, passing through mysterious beech forests, and ancestral paths, and meeting “ambassadors” of our land through their work linked to the countryside and conservation, they have been part of a waterfall of experiences.

Here we have the result of their writing process: Stadt, Land, Meer: Faszinierendes Baskenland |