What a great success the recently active tailor-made trip we have designed for a whole family in the winery region of Rioja Alavesa. We had to organize different activities for all the family members according their ages; between 7 and 80 years old. They really had a beautiful experience:

“It has been a very pleasant trip, a very interesting visit to the fields and the vineyards, and extremely grateful to Basquelands Way for its organization. It is never too late to learn how to fell the motherland closer. Nights were in the best hotel in the area. We hope to repeat with another trip”

We were cycling along the vineyards, we have got deeper in some wineries, taste their red & white “soups”, and learned about those “intelligent” grapevines that know how to survive under this changeable climate. We also, went hiking on the first stage of the “Wine & fish” route that starts here in Laguardia and finishes on the coast by the Ocean.