“Creative workshop team”: This is where we imagine, design, create, propose, and manage our trips


Relationships with Suppliers & Quality

I like to feel like a daughter of many places, I was born in Saint Jean de Luz, in the French Basque Country; I studied journalism in Bilbao, and then did a Masters in Montreal, Canada. Finally I settled in San Sebastian, beside the sea.

I speak the three official languages of the Basque Country, Euskera, Spanish and French. I will strive to be the responsible for making your experience valuable and unforgettable.

We will try to find the most adequate product for you at each moment. Whether while walking through trails, next to the sea, talking to farmers, visiting local markets or dreaming awake.

My aim is to manage with excellence and quality all the necessary services to provide extra interest to the trips and to show you in the most intimate way the essence of my birth place: The Basque Country.



Idea & Project Manager, and Specialist Mountain guide

Hello! I hope to be the one who helps you enjoy this wonderful experience among us.
I was born in San Sebastian; Basque Country, in 1972. I studied Journalism and Fine Arts in Saint Louis University, Missouri; USA, and after finishing my studies, I focused on exploring other countries, cultures, natures, and other ways of life before coming back to my home town in order to start a family.

The Basque Country and The Pyrenees have always been my passion and faithful companions long before obtaining my mountain guide license. After working as a freelance for several agencies, I have decided to create this project Basquelands Way together with others, so that we may share with you this knowledge about our beloved lands.



Specialist Mountain guide & Photographer

My name is Javi and I was born in a small village in the province of Soria in 1988. I grew up in a natural environment surrounded by woods and mountains, and during my childhood I travelled those places with my father and my brothers, learning about plants, animals, meteorology, constellations…

As a result of these experiences I developed my great love for the mountain and, especially, for photographing those incredible landscapes with my camera, looking for the best light, little moments when a ray of sun creates the perfect scene.

I’m a great lover of the Pyrenees, and I want to show the least unknown and wildest areas of the mountain range, to stay away from the beaten path.

As a guide I want to show you those places, their surroundings, their history, their culture, letting you enjoy and learn from the experience and naturally, for you t og back home with wonderful photos.



Walking guide and ambassador

I was born in the Basque Country, which has a generous nature, beaches, mountains, gastronomy, surf, ancient traditions and hospitable people. A different culture, cider houses, worldwide famous restaurants, traditional sports, fishermen villages, valleys full of hamlets, international music and film festivals. Despite having travelled the world, I always find new challenges and wonderful discoveries when coming back home.
I speak English, French and Italian and I love to walk around the word meeting new people and seeing new places. I have been part of several trekking clubs in Madrid, where I specialised in the Way of Saint James, Pyrenees and other mountain ranges. I wish to do my best with Basquelands Way and offer new and fascinating adventures in this land yet to be discovered.



Guide, free spirit & ambassador

I belong to where I walk and where I am. I was born in Bilbao and I grew up between the city and in close contact with the countryside where my grandparents had their “caserio”; a local farm.

After finishing my law and economics studies at Bilbao University, and after a few years working in the finance sector, I decided to change my life, walking in the mountains and reconnecting with what I learned as a child.

I speak different languages and while guiding, I try to share my passion for the simple things in life, trying always to leave a small footprint.



Basquelands Way Customer

We had a great experience while travelling with Basquelands Way.

The walks we made were very beautiful, and the gastrononic experience was amazing.  The guides were very flexible, always triying to find the best decision depending on the situation. Each hotel had a different and unique atmosphere.

We really recommend travelling with Basquelands Way, they knew what they were doing.


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