During 7 days we have been travelling through the Basque Country with a very nice group from Sweden.

From the green mountains of Oñati and Aitzgorri Natural Park area, to the coast of Gipuzkoa, going through the vineyards of Laguardia.  7 complete and beautiful days, on which they have visited Bilbao and San Sebastian while eating “pintxos” in the old town, they have walked through some parts of the North Way of Saint James, or they have tasted the red wines and gastronomy of La Rioja region, as well as the white wines; “txakoli”, and anchovies from Getaria.

“It has been a fantastic trip discovering the history and the way of life of the Basque Country”

“It was really interesting to understand the meaning of so many traditions, symbols or flags that we have been seeing during the trip”

A trip where they had the opportunity of knowing the roots of the Basque people from their own origins; visiting a cheese factory and a shepherd school in Arantzazu, discovering how the wine is made both in the coast and in the inlands, or enjoying a lunch in a traditional gastronomic club in San Sebastian as another Basque.

Javi Lacha; Guide & Photographer of Basquelands Way