The BAZTANES WAY of SAINT JAMES (French Basque Country & Navarre)

The BAZTANES WAY of SAINT JAMES (French Basque Country & Navarre)

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7 days.
7 nights.

The old kingdom of Navarre will be under our feet. Starting at the French Basque Country, where they have a special care to preserve the beauty of the local architecture, we will cross the border as smugglers from previous times. It is a route focused on nature, villages, good resting, tradition and a millenary language called “Euskera” / Basque.

The sincerity of locals and their good work are a constant. The trip finishes in Pamplona, once upon a time popularized by Hemingway when he used to go for “fiesta” at the running of the bulls with cigar in one hand, and a glass of wine at the other. Ava Gardner used to be there too.

Trip Highlights
  • 5 days walking, with a total of 113 km
  • Walking from Bayone in the French Basque Country to Pamplona in Navarre
  • Meal at a Gastronomic Club in San Sebastian
  • Easy going paths and beautiful landscapes
  • English speaking leading guide and transfers
  • Quality, original & rural Hotels

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