The last 250 km of the FRENCH WAY of SAINT JAMES

The last 250 km of the FRENCH WAY of SAINT JAMES


Medium 5/9






11 days.
11 nights.

A trip designed to walk the last part of the “Way” in order not only to discover the culture and local life, but also to feel how our feet can take us a step further. A colourful path surrounded by mountains, crosses, churches, homemade liquors, and cow smell.
The idea is to become a pilgrim and share our delusions, mistakes, happiness and joy with other pilgrims during the walk. Santiago de Compostela will be a temporally ending because all our experiences will continue guiding us, as life goes trough.
Trip Highlights
  • 10 days walking, with a total of 250 km
  • Starting walking point in Astorga; Leon´s province
  • A private winery visit in the “Bierzo” region.
  • Finishing in Santiago de Compostela.
  • English speaking leading guide and transfers
  • Quality & original Hotels, “Paradores” and bed & breakfasts
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