TRANS-PYRENEAN ROUTE – From coast to coast

(Following the GR-11, GR-10 & HRP)


Medium 6/9






10 days each part

This is the best way to discover the Pyrenees, and it´s culture, traditions, geography, nature … and of course to know yourself better. We will walk to join the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the border between Spain and France as we may need it.
Parts 1 & 4 represent the Oriental and Occidental sides of the Pyrenees where we can enjoy the rural life, forests, and the different cultures along the regions where the track goes through.

As we get closer to the middle of this mountain range (parts 2 & 3), the summits, the mountain lakes, and the majesty of nature around us increases. Our body will be more trained to undertake longer, up and down, hills, and we will feel more connected with the surrounded landscape. It is a great adventure to go for.
  • Transfers to starting & endings points of each part
  • Nights in Refuges and B&B hotels including dinner and breakfast.
  • A certified escort guide walking with the group.
  • Accidents and rescue insurance coverage.
  • 1.985 €/pax for each part and with a group between 4 & 8 participants
Detailed information about the trip upon request

Part1     (Cap de Creus – Puigcerda)

over Catalonia & Languedoc-Roussillon

Walking from July 28 to August (10 days)

  • July 27 transfer to Cap de Creus on the Catalonian coast
  • August 6 arrival to Puigcerda

Part 2     (Puigcerda – Vielha)

over Catalonia, Andorra & Midi-Pyrénées

Walking from August 7 to 16 (10 days)

  • August 6 transfer to Puigcerda
  • August 16 arrival to Vielha

Part 3    (Vielha – Forest of Oza)

over Aragon & Midi-Pyrénées

Walking from August 17 to 26 (10 days)

  • August 16 transfer to Vielha
  • August 26 arrival to the Forest of Oza

Part 4    (Forest of Oza – Hondarribia)

over Navarre, Basque Country & Aquitanie

Walking from August 27 to September 5 (10 days)

  • August 26 transfer to the Forest de Oza
  • September 5 arrival to 5 Hondarribia on the Basque coast

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