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Active, exclusive, customized, natural & sustainable handcrafted trips in Northern Spain Territory; the Basque Country, the Pyrenees, and Saint James´ Trail.|Located in San Sebastian, in the heart of the Basque Country, Basquelands Way is an inbound travel agency created by locals, focused on a demanding and global customer base.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward;
but it is the journey that matters, in the end”


Ernest Hemingway


“The Basque are not Mediterranean, alpine, Magyar, Celtic, Germanic, Semitic, nor Scandinavian, nor are they Arian. Nobody knows who their ancestors were. They are aborigines. They speak their own strange language from unknown origins”

Orson Welles – Around the World – 1955 for the BBC

Photo: Basquetour’s stock images.


“To visit San Sebastián, on Spain’s northern coast, is to fall in love. The first sight of the shimmering scallop-shaped bay, replete with crescents of golden sand and turquoise waves, will sweep you off your feet. Pairing this natural beauty with the unrivaled local cuisine”

New York Times

Pre-Pyrenees. Photo: Javier Lacha


“Honor your path. It was your choice, it was your decision and in the same way you respect the path you walk on, the path will respect your feet”

Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrim of Compostela


From March to June
Natural Parks, culture, gastronomy, hiking routes, GR-38 & exploring the Basque Country when life restarts.
Arouse your curiosity as a pilgrim in the Way of Saint James and San Sebastian.
Going trekking in Nepal?
Aralar Mountainrange. Photo: Javier Lacha


From June to September
Discover the Pyrenees; walk in Aran Valley, hike Aneto range, enjoy Ordesa & Néouvielle National Parks, and tramp the GR-10 & GR-11.
Mix nature with comfort, mix wine with adventure.
Cromlech of Okabe. Photo: Javier Lacha


From September to December
Nature is changing colours, the ocean stills warm and the paths are quiet.
Along the Coastal or French Way of Saint James, expeditions in the Basque Country, or the different GR; long distance trails in The Pyrenees, a wide range of emotions are waiting for you.
Ultzama River. Photo: Javier Lacha


From December to March
This is the moment for a great snowshoeing route.
In the Oriental, the Central or the Occidental Pyrenees, along frozen mountain lakes, and staying at charming hotels, we will cross the border between Spain and France.
Valley of the Chamoises. Photo: Javier Lacha

Customized Trips

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We can prepare the journey, expedition, activity, service or experience which better suits your necessities.